LinkedIn Local has been around the globe and has found it's way to our amazing city of Atlanta! Ally Wilinski & Lauren Manners host the Atlanta LinkedIn Local coffee meet up, monthly, at Moonbird Coffee in Chamblee, Ga.

In Fall 2018, we will be adding a quarterly evening event to accommodate for all schedules! Our evening events will be social networking with drinks, food, and entertainment beginning with a robust, interactive, workshop before to kickoff the evening!

Each event has a purpose of networking with other local professionals. We aim to bring our online connections together to develop productive business relationships offline and to further the economic growth of our amazing city.

The diversity of the people, professions, and where they are in their stages of business and professional lives is incredible, more robust than any other Atlanta networking event. You will find Business Owners, Employees, Entertainment and Film Professionals, Healthcare and Medical Professionals, Financial Advisors & Planners, Educators, Designers, Florists, Real Estate Agents, Solopreneurs, Life Coaches, Public Sector Leaders, Non-profit representatives, Recruiters, Service-industry providers, Start-ups, Lawyers, Salespeople, and Corporate Professionals.  It is truly an incredible event and we only expect the growth and diversity to continue!

Stay tuned for an even more robust workshop focused event series coming in 2019, by Ally and Lauren, entitled, Creative Connections. 

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