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Long before starting presentime rentals and Presentime Coaching, Ally spent over 10 years working in HR & Recruitment for a multibillion dollar transformational IT Consulting company. Throughout her time in consulting, Ally both worked in and led a variety of teams ranging from experienced recruiting, campus & MBA recruiting, executive recruiting, delivery operations & staffing, coaching, people managing, and soft skills training.  Ally is a master networker, savvy recruiter, and expert trainer. She can find the best candidates in any field and generate interest in any project or organization, and can teach you how to do it too. A benefit to talent executives, business owners, recruiters, and entrepreneurs alike; the ability to build and grow your network and gain a common interest based on an individual's unique goals and qualities.


Not only is Ally a ‘headhunting’ master, she is a skilled career advisor and professional life coach who thoroughly enjoys helping others to be successful. She has spent the larger portion of her career helping others to identify their best areas of growth and encouraging them to pursue their greatest goals. She will help you to identify your greatest strengths, roadmap your path to success, and execute against all of your goals. Ally wants to help you succeed in being your best self - whatever that means for you! Ally holds a BA in Philosophy, an MBA in Human Resource Management and is a certified DiSC trainer, a 200hr RYT, and certified Yoga Therapist.

Success is growing your acorn. Everyone is a seed of potential with individual gifts meant to be shared with the world. Growing your tree is dependent upon you developing & nurturing your most authentic self.
— ally wilinski

A letter from Ally

Our time here is limited and in order to make sure we make the most of every day, we have to set limits on our availability in order to always bring our best selves forward.

I am available for executive style, relationship-based recruitment and talent acquisition coaching for both Recruiters and Talent focused Executives. Coaching is available on a 1:1 basis and in a program based format. Space is limited for working with companies and the commitment is on a 6 month subscription. 

This coaching program and your time with me is completely customized to your organization's situation. Regardless of whether you’re an organization executive, recruiter, entrepreneur, business owner, or employee; I will help you to visualize, plan, and achieve your people-focused goals. While we will leverage expert methodologies and my existing templates and materials to help guide our journey, everything we do will be unique to your situation and your business. I will provide detailed coaching and instruction on my networking and recruitment methodologies to best guide your strategy development and action plan. I will leverage my network and help build promoting your business into my brand. I will help any way that I can. 

This plan is a total commitment and a dedication to growth and to being your very best self, both personally and professionally. I realize the financial investment is significant and it’s with good reason. As a participant in the program, I expect full accountability on your part because I am 100% committed to helping you find growth and developing a career and life that works for you and your goals. Recruitment is a lifestyle and finding a career that works for you is too. Get clear on your goals and develop the right network around you and watch the magic happen.

I can help you where you are right now, help you to move to something new, or help you create the business of your dreams. We will begin with an in depth goals assessment & initial review to help you create a plan that is manageable, approachable, and attainable. While executing along your plan, I will help you along the way, providing guidance, support, networking, and any and all templates to help make your journey easier. I will help you and your organization to create or improve your digital presence, evaluate your marketing and attraction methods, develop and grow your network and community, help you to prioritize and manage your time, and most importantly I will help to assess what you currently have, where you want to go, and help you develop a plan to get there.







High Level Goals of Coaching With Ally - What will you gain?

  1. Insight into the recruitment industry from a professional corporate recruiters perspective; valuable to executives, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and recruiters alike

  2. Templates, Tips, Tricks, and new methodologies that are proven successful based on Ally’s excellent recruitment and program execution track record

  3. An entrepreneurial take on the recruitment industry and your business, Ally is a business owner as well and understands the value of developing and growing talent that is invested in the overall mission of growing an organization's revenue while being mindful of cost

  4. Access to a growing network of professionals in every industry, reliable references no matter what you need, and an immediate referral connection based on Ally’s stellar relationship building skills - from recruiters, to candidates, to contractors from all industries and backgrounds

  5. Best Practices and support through developing new skills, guidance and advice based on actual experience, and an educated ear ready to listen and support you along your growth journey!



What can you expect?

Weekly virtual 1:1 check-in’s with Ally via Zoom or phone

Virtual support via Email for content reviews, template shares, & questions

Monthly accountability checkpoints, content assignments, templates, communication reviews, and target review

Goal setting from start to finish and measurable progress throughout our time together

Ally’s entire network of professionals, job seekers, and business owners; for all of your additional needs - including personal referrals & introductions from Ally

Access to any new products developed, premium podcast episodes, and backstage access to everything in the presentime community








Super Simple.

I charge $150/hr for my services and customize everything for each and every client

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